Olivier Giron
Olivier Giron attended Rutgers University, where he received a Bachelors of Science in landscape architecture in 2006. Studying environmental science made him sensitive to the issues we face as we develop, and how we can better relate to our ecosystem. After graduating from his undergraduate studies, he worked in a small landscape architecture firm that focused on a variety of projects. During his time with the design firm he attended the Corcoran College of Art and Design for photography in 2007. He received his M.F.A. in photography from George Mason University's School of Art in 2012.

Artist Statement:

My training in environmental design drives my artistic pursuits, with the goal of addressing environmental issues we face in our daily lives. I often focus on the marginal spaces between designations: cultures, spaces, and ideas. My own lack of classification drives my curiosity to pursue the unfamiliar. I see my work as an exploration of ideas that are often overlooked. These sensibilities are always with me; whether I am focusing on environmental issues, or exploring more ephemeral spaces that haunt our psyche.